Open Letter to Kanye West

I woke up this morning to the most fantastic news: that you had decided to not show a collection at Paris Fashion Week. I can’t remember the last time I was this happy. Your debut collection was the Frankenstein of fashion, desperately pulling together Alexander Wang’s cool, the opulence of Balmain, and Belgian deconstructionism…and you made Mirte Maas look like a drunken hooker from a Baby Phat advertisement. The collection simply didn’t make sense; there was no theme, no flow, and it offered nothing to the world. The only thing that was consistent was the blatant fact that you’re a failure of a designer.

Your second collection was a massive improvement, but the alarmingly high number of references to Givenchy and Balmain made it clear to me that you lack innovation, inventiveness, and intuition. And talent. When will you learn that filling your collections with fur and leather does not make it luxury? 

You represent everything I hate about the fashion industry. If I have to sit through another season of celebrity designers using their famous friends and relatives to achieve fame I might lose it. There are thousands of talented design students who would burn Birkins for the opportunity to present in front of the world’s major editors, buyers, and fashion journalists. Has the industry become such a joke that just about anyone who found fame rapping about Margiela can become a designer whenever they feel like it? And to the people in fashion who actually matter: I implore you to put an end to this madness. Treat your industry with respect and not a pathetic fashion party.

Kanye, how dare you think that you had the right to show at Paris Fashion Week to begin with? How dare you think that you were worthy of showing in the fashion capital of the world? I feel bad for the Central Saint Martins graduates who were helping you put together these abominations rather than working on building their own careers. You make a mockery of the fashion industry and of the fashion designer. As a designer you have responsibilities. It is a career, not a hobby, and certainly not something you just do for fun anymore. Go back to your music. Your fashion career is a joke and this is the perfect punchline.

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